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Search Engine Optimisation

search engine optimisation

Why should you invest in SEO?

Multiple factors affect your website’s ranking in the search engines. Because the organic search landscape is constantly evolving, increasing your websites authority content and offering an enhanced user experience is vital for the growth of your business.

SEO is the combination of various factors that work together to help increase your organic website traffic, leading to more enquiries, more sales and more business.

How GWEM can help 

content writing

Professional content writing

I identify what your customers are searching for and write high-quality answer based content that guides them to convert.

Over time your customer interaction with the content sends signals back to Google and Bing, helping to build your rankings.

Google and Bing both use quality scores to assess your site. Any poorly written, filler or thin content that doesn’t engage your clients will be detrimental to your rankings.

Improving user experience

Search engines focus on user experience (UX) as a crucial metric when ranking your website. When you improve the user experience, your organic rankings also improve.

I will analyse and optimise your website, focusing on mobile responsiveness and UX, site speed, trust signals, and other metrics that will positively affect your organic rankings.

The net result is a boost in traffic and therefore a boost in business.

user experience
content writing

Technical SEO

Fixing any technical issues with your website is paramount. I will analyse, identify and repair any problems your site may have.

Making your site easier to crawl by the search engines, improving page speed and ensuring everything is optimised for your site to perform are all ongoing and vital parts of your SEO strategy.

The result

You will have an optimised, easy to navigate, highly converting website that is ranked highly by search engines and loved by your clients.

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